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If you’re trying to decide on flooring for your kitchen, tiling – manufactured pieces of materials such as ceramic or stone – is a popular option. When you get kitchen floor tiles installed, you’ll benefit from the durability, resistance to water, and ease of clean-up associated with this flooring type. It’s a versatile choice in terms of aesthetic appeal, as well – whether you’d like plain white kitchen tiles/grey kitchen tiles or something more colourful, there’s a type of tiling that’s right for you.

Tiles are also commonly used on kitchen walls, commonly in the form of a kitchen backsplash. By installing kitchen backsplash tiles, you’ll keep the walls in your kitchen safe from damage in the form of stains and moisture. Furthermore, the visual benefits that come with tile flooring apply to kitchen wall tiles, making them a great-looking fit with any kitchen.

Interested in tiling for your kitchen floor, walls, or both? If so, Portsmouth Kitchen Fitters is ready to help. We’re Portsmouth and Hampshire’s most experienced kitchen company, and you’ll appreciate our attention to detail, excellent customer service, and highly affordable prices.

DIY Tile Projects

When you want a full tile floor installed in your kitchen, you should always hire a highly skilled company such as Portsmouth Kitchen Fitters to ensure this job will meet your standards. However, there are some smaller tile-related projects you can work on on your own.

If you want the benefits of kitchen backsplash tiles on a budget, sticky tiles for kitchen backsplashes can be a good choice. These tiles, which have a strong adhesive on their back, can last for years if they are properly installed.

You can also refresh old tiles in your kitchen with the use of kitchen painted tiles. It doesn’t matter if you want grey kitchen tiles or white kitchen tiles for a neutral look, or if you want to give plain tiles a bolder colour scheme – painting existing tiles is a quick, easy way to change the tiling you have into the tiling you want.

Looking for sticky tiles for kitchen use or kitchen painted tiles? If so, reach out to Portsmouth Kitchen Fitters – we can provide these products for you.

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Know Your Tile Materials

Today, tiling is available in a wide range of materials, colours, and finishes – so it’s important to know where you want to start when searching for kitchen tiles. Here, we’ll give you a quick rundown of three common tile materials – porcelain, ceramic, and stone. If any of these sound right for your needs, get in touch with Portsmouth Kitchen Fitters for installation services!


Porcelain tiles are made from a clay mixture that has had sand added – they’re similar to ceramic tiles, but they’re harder and they have a greater density. Since porcelain tiles are notoriously hard to install, make sure to choose a qualified installer to install this tiling variety for you.


The manufacturing process for ceramic tiles is similar to that of porcelain tiles, but does not involve the addition of sand to the clay mixture. Ceramic tiles are more porous than porcelain; however, they’re still resistant to spills and stains. These tiles are easier to install than their porcelain counterparts since they’re softer – but that means they can be damaged more easily, too.


Unlike the options listed above, stone tile is simply tiling made from naturally-occurring stone, including marble, slate, and granite. Though it is a highly durable choice, stone does come with some tradeoffs. Notably, you’ll need to reseal stone floors once every few years and it can be more expensive than alternative tiling options.

Kitchen Wall Tiles and Kitchen Floor Tiles

Whether you’ve been thinking about getting tile installed in your kitchen for years or you’ve come to this decision more recently, Portsmouth Kitchen Fitter can help get the process of tile installation started ASAP! Just give us a call or send us an email.

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